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Useful links for hair stylists

Following are a series of links to video's for hair stylists who use or are intending to buy scissors from Edge Revival.

Choosing a shear   For  stylists who want to be more informed about their choice of scissor.  

Learning to use Rotating Shears- For anyone buying their first rotating thumb shear.  You could practice along with this video to learn to demo rotating shears better.

Learning to use Rotating Shears- You could practice along with this video to learn to get the most from your rotating shears.

NXT Shears  Product knowledge

Spin Shears Product Knowledge

EZE Neutral Grip Shears Product Knowledge

LYTE Shears Product Knowledge

Spin 14 Tooth  Point Cut Texture™ Shear.

Slip 23 Tooth Seamless Finishing/Blending Shear, also good for the Classic Seamless Blender

Jazz Shears Product Knowledge

Classic Shear Product Knowledge

Spin 14 Tooth Point Cut Texture Shear (also can be used to see what the Classic 14 Tooth Point Cut Texture Shear  can do (the only difference is the classic has a fixed handle vs the rotating thumb on the Spin)

Sculpting with Slip Slide/Dry cut shear, this is very useful for anyone who buys a classic DryCut or a Slip shear.

4 Shear Haircut This cut uses a cutting shear, blending shear, point cut texture shear and slide cutting shear to achieve a very detailed and textured cut quickly.

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