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Hairdresser Scissor Care Tips and Advice

Q. How do I know if my scissors need sharpening?
A. If your scissors are pulling on the tips, bending the hair, pushing the hair down the scissor blade, feeling gritty, can’t slide or slice cut without snagging or pulling

Q. How can I look after my scissors so that they stay sharper for longer?
A. At the end of each day (or after every haircut if you’re really fussy) wipe your scissor with a soft cloth or chamois, oil between the blades at the pivot. Clipper oil is fine. Keep scissors in the scissor case or holster. It is not a good idea to keep scissors on the trolley, in a drawer or on your station beside any solution or comb jar. Check the tension once a week.
Don’t lend them.

Q. How often should I get my scissors sharpened?
A. If you love cutting, and are busy every day, twice yearly is advised to keep your scissors working at their best, giving better hair cutting results and making for a happy cutting day.

Q. Can thinning scissors and texture shears be sharpened?
A. Most definitely, provided that they are of a good quality. The same sharpening process applies to thinning and texturizing scissors. Both blades are sharpened and balanced.

In case you didn't know...

In order to get the best performance out of your texture and thinning scissors it is important to keep the tension adjusted properly.

Due to the gaps between the teeth on these shears it is very important to keep the tension adjusted tighter than your regular cutting shears. Do not allow these shears to become loose as it can cause the straight blade to "hang up" on the toothed blade. When teeth hang up on the straight blade, it will stop the blades from closing completely. It can also cause them to fold or pull hair, especially near the tip. Avoid putting too much side pressure on the thumb while cutting as this can have the same effect.


DON'T TRUST your valuable scissors to just any sharpener off the street.
Only trust your scissors to a factory authorized service technician from EDGE REVIVAL 



Shears can be sharpened with too coarse an abrasive, then polished too much to restore the smooth finish. 
The result is an edge that cuts well but doesn't last.

Heat can be created in a sharpening or polishing process which is not done under a constant flow of lubrication. 
This excess heat will soften the steel making the shear dull more quickly with each sharpening.

Improper adjustment of the arch of the blade can cause too much pressure on the cutting edge and shorten the life of the edge. 
Too little pressure and the shear can pull or drag the hair.

Alteration of the inside blade surface can adversely affect performance and is impossible to correct.

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