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Knife Care, Maintenance & How to use a Steel

Sharp knives are a pleasure to use and make preparing the meal fun. A sharp knife is safer than a blunt knife because it requires less pressure to cut. Stainless steel knives are never 100% rustproof therefore rinse off the acids contained in fruit and vegetable juices.

For extra care knives should be cleaned by hand. After use it should be held under luke warm running water and cleaned with a soft cloth, if necessary add a little washing up liquid. Wash sharp knives individually.

A knife is not a screwdriver or can opener. It is not suitable for these purposes. Misuse will damage the cutting edge. Knives require a safe storage place. This will prevent injury and protect the knife from being damaged.

A knife block is perfect. If you are using a magnetic rack, take care to make sure that the magnets are powerful enough and that the knives are clean. A greasy knife will not cling securely to the magnet.

Even high quality knives lose some of their sharpness through regular use but unsuitable cutting surfaces such as porcelain or metal will blunt a knife. An ideal cutting surface should be easy to clean and of a non-rigid nature. Wooden cutting boards possess these characteristics to a higher extent than plastic cutting boards. In addition they are more hygienic since wood contains natural acids with a self-cleaning effect. Nevertheless, all cutting boards should be thoroughly washed immediately after use.

How to use a steel

Place the base or heel of the knife on the tip of the steel and drawing down with a little pressure at a 15-20 degree angle. This steeling of the knife realigns the edge and removes any burrs or nicks which do occur with everyday use.

Once the steel cannot revive the edge, it's time to contact Edge Revival 0800 52 52 20.

To test the sharpness of a knife, cut the skin of a tomato. This is difficult to do with a blunt knife. If you use either wooden boards or special cutting surfaces, knives will stay sharp longer.

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