Sharpening hairdressing scissors
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Sharpening your scissors

When your scissor needs to be re-sharpened, you should make sure that they were TRAINED AT A FACTORY IN JAPAN OR KOREA.  Nobody else should touch your scissors.   Most sharpeners do not know true Japanese sharpening and they do not have the right equipment. 

That makes their sharpening inferior.

When to have your scissors re-sharpened:   Many people who are sharpening scissors will tell you for instance every 4 months or 6 months in order to keep them sharp all the time.  This is not true.  You cannot put time on when your scissors need to be re-sharpened.  If you are always keeping your scissors oiled, cleaned  and with correct tension, your scissor can stay sharp for a long time.  

It all depends on you and the quality of the scissor and how you store your scissor.

The correct time of having your scissor sharpened is right before the tension becomes so hard, because you have tightened it up to make the scissor cut, that your thumb gets "strained".  As explained above you should always check your scissor has the right tension.  The tension will become loose over time and will need to be adjusted.

There will come a point in time, where the tension is becoming too hard in order for the scissor to cut.  This is happening because the edge is getting dull. 

If your scissor has a Nick it must be sharpened right away.

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