Use of Chamois on hairdressing scissors
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Use of Chamois

When buying a scissor, it sometimes comes with a cloth. However this is not a cleaning cloth or a cloth to polish your scissors. This is a chamois. A chamois is a cloth used to set up the edge again. You can compare this to a sharpening steel for knives or the leather strop used by barbers to hone their razors. When a scissor is used the edge will get worn and curvy… not straight. To make it straight again we use the chamois.

Wipe the blades with paper towel to remove any hairs. Then wipe (stroke) the outside and inside of the blades alternately with a chamois about 30 times on each side, starting with the outside of the blade and last stroke should always be on the inside of the blade. Be careful not to cut into chamois with the scissor. This procedure is done best by placing chamois flat in palm of left hand. With right hand open scissor and wipe blade against chamois from the back of the blade towards the edge. Press scissor hard against chamois when wiping the blade.

Scissor moves towards wrist (inside of blade)NB. Be sure that you hold the scissor by the screw and blade area as shown in the pictures. - not just by the handle. Good scissors are made in 2 pieces - blades and handles, and the metal used for handles are soft and not tempered steel. Therefor - if you hold in the handle only, you can accidentally bend the handles to a wrong position.

When the scissor is done on both blades, the tension in the blades may have to be re-adjusted again. The chamois should be used minimum once every day.

Do NOT use Chamois for anything else.

Use of hairdressing scissor chamois
Scissor moves towards fingertips (outside of blade)
Use of hairdressing scissor chamois
Scissor moves towards wrist (inside of blade)

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