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The 3 piece dry cutting set for today’s innovative and technical hairdressers.

This set consists of 3 different scissors that are perfect for each cutting style. This set is perfect for dry cutting techniques as the hairstyles today are much more elaborate and technical than just a few years ago.

Some years ago most hair cutting techniques was still done by cutting in a 90 degree angle to the hair (Blunt cut and Thinning). However - today the new hair cutting techniques and cutting styles are being done with scissors cutting in different angles to the hair.

The 3 piece set is the base set for doing the Dry cut techniques.

  1. 30 degree angle to the hair (Slice cut) 
  2. 45 degree angle to the hair (Texturizing), but can be used in 10- 90 degree to the hair.
  3. 90 degree angle to the hair (Thinning and Texturizing), but can be used in 10- 90 degree to the hair.

Platform artists and hairdressers working in Haut Coiffure love this set as it covers the basic dry cutting techniques. These scissors are the scissors of the future.

However - these scissors have to be used correctly. These are specialty scissors and cannot be used as an all-round scissor. 

There are two options available:

1. A FREE Show and tell

Showing you the 3 piece set and an insight to the content within our workshops at your salon. Please contact us email or 0800 52 52 20

For this reason and many more, we do urge you to contact us or join one of our seminars so that we can teach you how to use these scissors and their cutting techniques.

Please feel free to contact us regarding this matter. Also feel free to ask us any questions about different sets that you might have in mind.

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